Program Details

Modular Weekend Program begins January 2017

For one human being to love another: that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.” — Rainer Maria Rilke

Next session starts January 2017. Please email us if you plan to attend. This program will be 650 hours in a modular format with a few additional yoga classes and clinic hours that may be held during regular working hours.
Program Tuition for Massage only $6500

Required Books $350

NM Taxes 8.438%

$500 Discount for payment in full by December 15th

$6500 + $650 finance charge + books + taxes = $8136.87

Pay $600 Deposit upon registration

$1000 Down payment due at the start date of class

First payment due on January 22nd and on the 22nd of each month following for 14 months =$467.63

We are strict about paying your payments on time. This is not a loan. You are paying in advance for the month of training you are about to receive. If you do not make that payment, you cannot attend class. This is our policy due to some unfortunate incidences in the past. We understand that things come up and life happens. Please make contingency plans for these cases. You may want to have a credit card on hand that you can use for payments in case of emergencies.

Certificate is not issued until tuition has been paid in full.

Begins January 2017

650 hours total

Four 9-hour days of classes per month, usually over a long weekend = 500 classroom hours

Plus 150 hours of student massage clinic where you will work on the public with a somewhat more flexible schedule, TBD.

14 months long

Location will be 2810 Sudderth Drive, Suite 207, Ruidoso, NM 88345

Deadline for application December 1, 2016. Extensions may be available, please call 575-257-4325

Discount for early payment: Tuition fee = $6000 if paid in full with cash or check by December 15th, 2016. Books and taxes are additional.

Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) is not available.

Completion of this program makes you eligible for licensure in New Mexico, Texas, and many other states. You will also be eligible to take the National Exam (MBLEx)

You must be 18 years old to enroll.

Maximum of 20. Minimum of 10.

Enrollment is based on a first come first serve basis, as long as the application process is complete, financial requirements are met, and space is available in the program.

Massage table (massages outside of class are assigned by the 2nd week of class) $200-$600. Discounted Earthlite tables available for purchase at MMMS.

Other supplies: One set of sheets for in class ($10-$20)

Pillows for sidelying massage ($5-$10)

Oils/Creams for massages performed outside clinic ($2-$50) (Massage Lubricants will be provided inside the classroom and clinic)

optional Spa Treatment supplies ($40-$200) (Spa supplies used in the classroom will be provided)

Temporary New Mexico License $100

Professional Membership/Insurance $199

National Exam $225

Permanent New Mexico License $125

Expect approximately 5 hours (+/-) of self study and homework outside of class per week. This number may vary depending on your prior knowledge and study habits. Expect to be doing 1-2 hours of massage on your own time at home per week in order to fully absorb and integrate the techniques you learn in class. If you plan on working while going to school, be sure to budget your time to allow for this home study. This program is rich with information and experience and requires dedication. Do not expect to “breeze through it” just because it is a hands-on modality. Academic rigor is maintained.
Attendance is a major part of this program. Only 32 hours may be missed, and lateness will be counted towards this as well, and those hours must be made up through private tutoring. Missing more than 6 days, or 48 hours, total puts you at risk for dismissal. Massage therapy is a hands-on skill that needs supervised practice and must be learned in person. Examine your life carefully to be sure you can make this commitment. While we understand that things come up in life (illness, family issues, car trouble, snow, etc.) none of those are excused absences. There are no excused absences. All students must be physically present in order to receive credit for hours that will be listed on their transcript. Additionally, this is a mountain ski town. Please be sure your car is equipped to travel in snowy conditions. Snow days are called at the director’s discretion.
If you are relocating to Ruidoso, or driving from Roswell or further, you may wish to secure housing in Ruidoso, which can sometimes be challenging. We have a couple resources to help you find housing. – This website has many current listings of rentals in the area, most with pictures and prices.  And last of all, driving around and looking for “For Rent” signs can be very fruitful! For some reason many people do not list their rentals in the paper or online.
Our scheduled dates for our modules are as follows:

Feb 23-26
March 9-12
April 8-11
may 18-21
June 15-18
July 13-16
August 24-27
Sept 21-24
And we will continue to meet for 4 days per month through April 2018 – Dates TBD
Clinic dates will be flexible. Choose 2 days per month out of a selection of dates we will give you with both Sunday and weekday options. Clinic starts in April.