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Does not include massage table and other supplies such as sheets and oils. All supplies needed for classroom practice are provided by the school, additional supplies may be needed for at home practice.

*Prices subject to change

$500 discount for early payment available for massage and dual certification programs when the full tuition and all fees are paid before 1 month of the start date.

Tuition Details

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To secure early payment discount, payment due by December 15th

$6500 – $500 discount = $6000 + books and taxes = $6897.69

Pay $600 deposit upon registration. Final amount due by December 15th = $6397.68

Payment in Full by the start date (January 22, 2016)

$6500 + books and taxes = $7440.81

Pay $600 deposit upon registration. Final amount due by start date of school = $6840.81

Payment Plan

$6500 + $650 finance charge + books + taxes = $8136.87

Pay $600 Deposit upon registration

$1000 Down payment due at the start date of class

First payment due on February 22nd and on the 22nd of each month following for 14 months =$467.63

Refund details:

  • After the earlybird deadline December 15th, your $600 deposit is non-refundable, for any reason (unless MMMS cancels enrollment, then all fees and tuition paid will be refunded)
  • After the first day of class is over, your $1000 first day payment is non-refundable
  • If you are on the payment plan, your first payment is due February 22nd. If you are unable to make this payment, you cannot continue to attend classes
  • When you make a payment, you are paying for the classes in the upcoming month. Therefore when you make a payment, you are paid up for all classes and clinic hours in the following 30 days. Failure to make a payment will result in dismissal.

If you have paid in full, the refund policy is as follows:

When a student withdraws from the program, monies paid will be refunded as follows:


  • 1.  After the first day of program to 10% of the program 10% Tuition Charged + $600 non-refundable deposit
  • 2.  10.1% to 24.9% of the program:                             25% Tuition Charged + $600
  • 3.  25 % to 50% of the program:                                  50% Tuition Charged + $600
  • 4. Over 50% of the program:                                                Full Tuition Charged