Workshop by Michael Polon at Mountain Meadow Massage School

12 New Mexico Massage CEs available

June 15 & 16 – Thursday 8:30am-5:30pm & Friday 12:30pm-5:30pm

Are you curious about fascia, posture, movement, pain, and bodywork?  How they work together?  What does/doesn’t happen? If you’re wanting to learn more effective approaches to improving the results of your work, this class will explore the latest scientific and practical approaches to bodywork.  Come learn innovative techniques and strategies for releasing tension, changing posture and movement habits, and relieving both acute and persistent pain patterns. This exciting and refreshingly up-to-date class will explore the topics of how to optimize your hands-on work in accordance with modern understanding of the wide-ranging effects of bodywork. We will explore the roles of the nervous system, proprioceptive awareness, fascial continuity, and muscular reflexes as they relate to the common goals of massage and bodywork.

Things you are likely to learn:
– the anatomy of the superficial tissue layers
– the physiology of touch and perception
– the interactions between the touch and postural / movement responses
– how to palpate and work tissue layers with more clarity and confidence
– techniques for resolving pain and releasing tension pattern.
After almost 20 years of study, Michael Polon still has the same beginner’s excitement when it comes to exploring the art/science, theory, and practice of Rolfing.  Michael began studying at The Rolf Institute in 1999 and has been in the classroom ever since.  He began teaching in 2001 and completed his first Advanced Training in 2003.  Through consistent teaching and continuing education, Michael learns more about what is possible with this work each year.  His enthusiastic curiosity of how things work fuels his passion for understanding how anatomy/physiology, movement/posture, pain, therapeutic alliance and healing potential come together with Rolfing.  

$199 + tax earlybird registration by June 1st

$275 + tax thereafter