Utthita Trikonasana

Utthita = extended or stretched, Tri = three,  kona = angle

  • Feet wide, about 4 feet apart. Feet should line up under the outstretched arms.
  • Right toes turn to point straight towards the top of your mat, left heel back a bit so the left foot is about 45 degree angle
  • Drop the right hip down and the left hip up
  • Pretend you are against a wall, or between two slices of bread
  • Reach your right finger tips out at shoulder level until you can’t reach any further
  • At that point allow the right hand to come down rest on the shin, a block, or the floor. I like to cue using the shin because this lets us be free from props but someone with balance issues at that moment will definitely need a block. Beginners will be better off with a block but many “advanced students” will not be at the point where they’re reaching the floor.
  • Roll the heart open and facing the side. The heart should not be pointing down. The main concern here is that people turn this into a forward bend in order to reach their hand to the floor.
  • Arms extend like wings, in line with each other.
  • Draw the top hip back, roll the top ribcage back
  • Press through both fee, draw the kneecaps up with the quadriceps
  • Adjustments: lightly with fingertips on ASIS draw the top hip back, standing behind them
  • From behind with hands on the lower ribcage, roll the ribcage open
  • Wrap the top shoulder, extend up through the top arm and fingertips