Mountain Meadow Massage School

Our academically rich program is based in presence and awareness. The most important thing you can bring to the massage table is your presence. We also teach thorough anatomy and specific deep tissue techniques. January 2017

650 hour Massage Certification program in Ruidoso, New Mexico

Weekend Modular format

Next session starts January 2017

Allows you to keep your day job while getting a new career


When your mind, body, emotions are all present simultaneously for your client something magical happens. Not only do you love what you’re doing, fully engaged and focused, but your client feels seen, heard, and cared for. We offer you the opportunity for personal growth.

Body Mechanics

The way you use your body will determine how long your career is. There are specific techniques to use in order to have healthy and safe body mechanics for yourself in every massage for decades to come. We teach you these and you practice them over and over in this program.


Precise anatomical knowledge is gained in our program through hands on experience. While there will be many things for you to memorize, I guarantee you will find learning the muscles and bones easier than you ever have with our direct hands-on kinesiology classes.

Deep Tissue

This program will give you the tools you need to perform safe, effective, therapeutic deep tissue massages on the general public. You will gain techniques for working on every area of the body. We will also touch on working with specific populations.

Yoga & Massage

  • 750 hours
  • Dual Certifications
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Massage Therapist
  • All elements of the yoga & massage programs
  • Seamlessly integrated teachings
  • $7500 Tuition
  • $600 required books
Not currently available

Yoga Teacher

Yoga Alliance Registered
  • 200 hours
  • Yoga Alliance Registered
  • Alignment-based Vinyasa style
  • Focus on mindfulness in movement
  • $2000 Tuition
  • $250 required books
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What Our Graduates Are Saying.

Don’t just take it from us, let our graduates do the talking!

The program taught me how to be more present and about how challenges in life can be overcome as well as how important “balance” is in life. I learned valuable skills including more awareness and presence with others and myself, to listen, caring, understanding, as well as much about the human anatomy, science, pathology and learning about all the important muscles and the places where clients are hurting.

Birgit Sawinski

Massage is a second career for me, and the choice to attend school did not come easily. I left my previous job — indeed entire career, relocated, and became a student again in my mid-30′s. I had an inkling that there just might be something to massage and bodywork that would help me feel more grounded in my own life, not to mention being a healing influence in others. And my instincts were gratified! To be frank, I wish my master’s degree had been as hands-on and concise as my 7 months at Mountain Meadows Massage. I am three months into my new career path, and I feel incredibly well-prepared. I know I have a lot more to learn in the massage and bodywork field, but the training I got with Mountain Meadows was an excellent grounding in the elements of this field.

Laura Kuster

Throughout the year I learned probably more about myself and also remembered things that I had forgotten thereby making it one of my best memories.

Rees McWright

Are there any additional expenses?

Yes. Attendance at our school does not include massage table and other supplies such as sheets and oils. All supplies needed for classroom practice are provided by the school, additional supplies may be needed for at home practice. You will need to purchase a table for at home use. We sell tables by Earthlite and we will give you better prices than anywhere you can find online. You may also need to purchase sheets, towels, oil, pens, paper, etc. It is also a requirement to have internet access for this program. 

You can expect to spend $300-$1000 on additional expenses throughout the year. There are sometimes used massage tables for sale on Craigslist, ebay, or individuals sometimes call us with their used table for sale. 

What is your refund policy?

Your $600 deposit is considered “non-refundable” when you instigate canceling your enrollment. However, if we cancel the program for any reason, your deposit and all monies paid are refunded in full. 

  • After the earlybird deadline August 15th, your $600 deposit is non-refundable, for any reason (unless MMMS cancels enrollment, then all fees and tuitions paid will be refunded)
  • After the first day of class is over, your $1000 first day payment is non-refundable
  • If you are on the payment plan, your first payment is due October 15th. If you are unable to make this payment on time, you cannot continue to attend classes
  • When you make a payment, you are paying for the classes in the upcoming month. Therefore when you make a payment, you are paid up for all classes and clinic hours in the following 30 days. Failure to make a payment will result in dismissal.

If you have paid in full, the refund policy is as follows:

When a student withdraws from the program, monies paid will be refunded as follows:

  • 1.  After the first day of program to 10% of the program 10% Tuition Charged + $600 non-refundable deposit
  • 2.  10.1% to 24.9% of the program:                             25% Tuition Charged + $600
  • 3.  25 % to 50% of the program:                                  50% Tuition Charged + $600
  • 4. Over 50% of the program:                                                Full Tuition Charged
Is there a payment plan?

$6500 + $650 finance charge + books + taxes = $8136.87

Pay $600 Deposit upon registration

$1000 Down payment due at the start date of class

First payment due on October 15th and on the 15th of each month following for 14 months =$467.63

We are strict about paying your payments on time. This is not a loan. You are paying in advance for the month of training you are about to receive. If you do not make that payment, you cannot attend class. This is our policy due to some unfortunate incidences in the past. We understand that things come up and life happens. Please make contingency plans for these cases. You may want to have a credit card on hand that you can use for payments in case of emergencies. 


Is financial aid available?

No. We are a small school without government affiliation. You may seek out private loans from your bank or family members. 

I only need 200 hours. Can I get those at your school?

Yes. You can attend whatever classes you need to attend to fulfill your licensing requirements. Please call the massage board first and go over your needs with them. 


Do you offer job placement?

Yes. We are affiliated with Blue Lotus Healing Arts Center in Ruidoso and there are usually at least one or two massage therapist positions open. Preference is given to graduates of our program.  We are also happy to give you references and our business course covers much of how to start a private practice, or how to find a job as a massage therapist. 

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