All classes are taught using a variety of learning techniques including hands-on, visual aids, group discussion, and other interactive formats. Formal lectures are a rare occurance. Multimedia formats are used extensively as well as models and charts. Having access to the internet and email, while not required, is recommended and useful for the program.


This will be the massage class upon which all others will be based. Learning Swedish will teach you the basic massage strokes, how to give a full body 1 hour massage, and how to become comfortable and adept at touching body. You will also learn how to release tension and give a great “feel good” massage!


This is a form of deep tissue which focuses on the connective fascia that wraps every muscle. You will learn how imbalances originate in the body and mind and how to treat them, including treating injuries, chronic pain, and athletes. This will include how emotions are stored in the tissues. We will explore the 10 sessions of structural integration as developed by Ida Rolf.


Included in 700 hour program only. Based on the ancient science of Ayurveda, these body treatments which include massage (Abhyanga), warm oil treatments (Shirodhara), and body scrubs (Udvartana), are not only indulgent and royal, but deeply healing. Your skills will be highly valued in both Spas and the healing community. We will also explore the system of Ayurveda, addressing the theory behind the treatments as well as lifestyle practices.


Also called Neuromuscular Therapy, or NMT, this point work focuses on finding the trigger points which are causing or the result of pain or imbalances and releasing them. You will learn where universal trigger points are, how to find unique trigger points, and treatment protocols for several common problems, such as Frozen Shoulder or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


One of the most called for modalities out there. You will learn how reflex points on the foot affect far flung areas of the body and how to treat those areas by working on the foot. You’ll also learn how to give an awesome foot massage and treatment, complete with a foot scrub, soak, and hot towels.


Using techniques from Lomi Lomi, you will learn how to give an entire massage using your forearms and olecranon as your main tools. This will be invaluable knowledge to help you save your hands when your massage practice begins to thrive!


When you touch a body, you touch the whole person,  the intellect, the spirit, and the emotions.” – Jane Harrington

Whether or not your main goal is to work in a spa setting, many therapists find themselves working at a spa at one time or another. It’s a great way to get a lot of massages under your belt and it can be a lot of fun. The skills you’ll learn in this class will be highly valued there including Hot Stone Massage, Body Wraps, and Salt Glows. You may find yourself giving these treatments in your private practice, as well, as they are very popular.

Stone treatment

All systems of the body will explored with delight and curiosity. Find out about yourself and your clients in a fun and interactive way. If you can learn and apply your knowledge of human anatomy to every massage you give, your ability to treat people effectively will soar.
Understanding your clients’ various conditions and syndromes is essential for a massage therapist. Armed with this knowledge you will know when your work will help, and when it could possibly hurt, though these instances are less common. When you greet a client with the understanding and compassion that accompanies knowledge of their particular condition, they will feel they are in competent hands. And they will be!
Frequently taught concurrently with a massage class, kinesiology delineates the muscles in terms of name, action, origin, and insertion. Knowledge of this medical terminology will allow you to communicate with ease to other massage therapists and health professionals, and be accurate and correct while doing so. This will help you to better treat patients who have diagnosed issues, and to understand the working of the muscular system, along with balances and imbalances you’ll find in each client’s body.
Yoga will be the main form of body awareness and exercise we will practice, although you will also be introduced to Pilates, Tai Chi, and others. The main goals of all movement classes will be twofold: to bring you into greater awareness of your own body, which is essential for someone using their body daily in their work; and so that you have body awareness in general which you can begin to educate your client about. Additionally, a healthy form of exercise is a fantastic way to keep your body in good shape so you can continue to give energetic massages well into the future.
Drawing from Hypnotherapy, Hakomi, and Gestalt concepts, students will learn how to offer the gift of listening. Many clients who come to your massage table will talk about things that are important to them. Here you gain the ability to listen without derailing your client with social conversation. You will also learn compassionate and non-intrusive ways of communicating with them while they are in that vulnerable state. When to refer out to a trained Counselor or Therapist is discussed fully, as are transference and counter transference issues. Working on your own personal healing is also a rich and valuable portion of this class.
Meditation will be a daily practice at Mountain Meadow Massage School. The practices of awareness and stillness are keys to being able to give a fully present and focused massage. If you are distracted and thinking about a million things at once how can you focus on the task at hand? Meditation will be a boon to all areas of your life, including your massage practice.
Healing Touch is an energy based program developed within the nursing profession in 1989, designed to clear, align and balance the human energy system through touch. The body, emotion, mind and spirit are influenced through a therapeutic process by altering the body’s energy system to influence self healing. All healing is self healing in partnership with the health team. In Healing Touch the goal is to empower the client to activate the innate wisdome of the body to self regulate and heal all aspects of the self. We are all holisticly united in body, emotion, mind and spirit. This class will assist the student in developing an understanding of Healing Touch as a biofield therapy that is an energy based approach to health and healing.
Drawing from a rich history of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we will be studying some basic theories which shed a new light on disharmonies found within the human body, including Yin Yang, Eight Principles, Five Element, Channel (Meridian), and Zangfu (Organ) Theory. An understanding of these theories forms the foundation in which to choose the appropriate therapeutic technique, including cupping, gua sha, moxibustion, tui na, and acupressure.
Practice is the key to becoming a skilled therapist. One day per week we will set up a fully functioning student clinic in downtown Ruidoso where the public may come and receive massages at a discounted price. Students will learn how to run a massage business, as well as give massages to the public and receive feedback from instructors.