Massage Therapy Myths

Massage Therapy Myths

Many massage schools will lure you in with promises of the perfect career….

“You control your own schedule.” – Actually, you work on clients, in large part, when they want to be worked on. Once you have “tenure” and have a full book of established clientele (5-10 years in) you have more control over your schedule. But the fact is that in general you need to work when the work is needed, like most other jobs. Frequently, jobs that give you a lot of control of your schedule do not offer benefits or employment packages, so it’s a trade off. Most massage jobs do not offer paid vacations so while vacation time can be flexible, you won’t get paid while you’re gone. And clients who need work may find another therapist while you’re gone.

“Make $65 an hour!” – Whether you are working for yourself, or an employee at a spa or clinic, only a part of that ends up in your pocket. Either way, you will be pocketing more like 30-40% of that, ultimately. In addition, massage therapists cannot perform 40 sixty minute massages per week. 15-25 is what you can expect, once you become busy, which can take 1-2 years or more. Places that pay more tend to give less benefits, if they give any at all. Average to low paying jobs tend to have better employee benefits.

“Be your own boss!” – Most people who start out as massage therapists do not begin with a full clientele just waiting for them to graduate. A few lucky people might. Most massage therapists at the very least start out working for someone else. Some then go on to build their own private practice. Others decide that having someone else take care of the administrative and business oriented tasks frees them to perform their craft (massage therapy!) without the distraction of marketing, answering phones, building websites or the risk of paying rent and utilities on a space without being sure of the income that will come in. Being your own boss is not all it’s cracked up to be. It is without a doubt the right path for some people, but not for all. And you can have a great career as a massage therapist without ever being your own boss.

See actual statistics at the US Bureau of Labor Statistics massage therapy page:…

The fact is that massage therapy is not hugely different from other jobs. It’s not the Shangri-la of careers. But I do happen to believe it’s one of the best jobs out there. What are some of the benefits of being a massage therapist?

-You will work directly one-on-one to assist people in becoming healthier and happier. That can be very satisfying.

-See results, fast. People walk in hurting or depressed and inevitably they walk out looking happier and more relaxed. Also very satisfying.

-You will be in a quiet room most of the day listening to soft relaxing music. This can help with your own stress levels and make for a very enjoyable work environment.

-Massage therapy is taxing on the body. It requires you to be more diligent about your own self care. How is this a benefit? You can schedule into your day stretching, meditation, hiking, etc and call it part of your job. You need to do those things to keep your body in tip top shape.

-The work you do is largely solo. This is a great job if you work well alone. On the flip side, you do need good people skills because you will be working VERY closely with the public. However, just one member of the public at a time.

Will you get rich working only a few hours a week, on your own schedule by becoming a massage therapist? No, certainly not. It is hard work that is extremely rewarding and will change your life for the better. You will look at your own and others’ bodies in a whole new light and see the human body as an amazing miracle that responds to touch in an incredible way and is connected to the mind and emotions directly. Being a Massage Therapist is a lifestyle. Do not get into the profession thinking you are going to make an easy buck. Get into the profession because you want your own life to be healthier, more conscious, more holistic and you want to be of service to others.

At Mountain Meadow Massage School you will gain the skills to help facilitate others to find their way to health and wholeness. Do not seek to become a healer. Seek to heal yourself and to light the way for others to do the same.

Our program beings January 2017 in Ruidoso – 1 long weekend per month for 14 months + 1 month of clinic – $6500+ books, taxes + supplies

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